Who is Tony Green?

Since first driving sideways at the age of nine and in the same year being awarded Junior New Zealand Athletic Champion,Tony’s determination to compete and win at the highest level presented to him was obvious. From Athletics to Martial Arts, Urban Sports to Racing anything he could get his hands on Tony has always given 200% to anything he is involved in.

Tony’s passion for driving led him to Europe working as a professional motorsport driver coach with premiere organizations such as:

The Ford Rallye Academy, Drive and Survive Rally School, Palmersport at Bedford Autodrome and Brands Hatch Racing circuits along with Prodrive.

Tony has coached hundreds of private and corporate clients and has been called upon to train production World Rally Championship, Drift and Race drivers from all over the world. His career has allowed him to drive rally, drift and race cars daily, which has not only helped him to understand all three driving disciplines inside-out, but also secure the support of David Shelton with sponsorship from motorpoint.co.uk

David’s belief in Tony lead to him competing in six British national championship rally rounds in 2005, while also being honored to take part in Rally Day, at Castle Combe race circuit in the same year with the late great Colin McCrae, while also achieving another step to his ultimate goal by competing in the World Rally Championship round of Great Britain. 2006 was a quiet year on the rally front as Tony chased the backing to compete on the world stage, his chance to shine in a new discipline came late in the year when he was offered a drive in the high-profile D1GB drift series. Tony was to pilot series organizer, Glen Horncastle’s 590bhp Toyota Soarer, previously driven by 5th gear TV presenter Tiff Needell. Rounds 4 and 5 of the 2006 D1 Professional Drift Championship at Silverstone, “The Home of British Motorsport” is where Tony and the Smoke Machine would quickly establish themselves in the European drift scene.

With unprecedented results Tony was invited to demonstrate his sideways skills in Barcelona showing off his talent for the first ever NRG events/D1 Great Britain drift demonstration in Europe. Circuit-de-Catalunya played host to this incredible opportunity to drift this awesome Formula 1 and Moto G.P race circuit, instantly becoming the highlight of Tonys drift career to date with entry speeds into the first corner reaching 140mph before pulling the handbrake, with over 25,000 ultra-enthusiastic spectators going crazy for there new found drift scene.

2006 also lead to an exceptional opportunity to demonstrate Prodrives latest group N12 Subaru Impreza, at the last round of the China Rally Championship, experiencing the sublime performance of Prodrive’s latest Group N specification production World Rally Car was an honour and kept Tonys dream of competing in the World Rally Championship Alive.

2007 started with performing at the Autosport International Motorshow at the wheel of the Sumo Power Drift Spec Nissan 350Z. Being the worlds largest automotive show with 60,000 spectators watching Tonys every move meant there was no room for errors and the crowd’s reaction to the display of precise drifting was brilliant for the sport and its spectators.

His next 2007 challenge was to transform a standard, road-going FD Mazda RX7, into a championship drift special, capable of performing with the best in the European Drift Championship. After an explosion that should have left the RX7 a burnt out shell, and only competing in half of the championships top 16 battles Tony was ranked 6th in the EDC after a tough drift season.

However 2008 was rapidly approaching with negotiations behind the scenes for both the European drift scene and an opportunity to become a Professional Rally Driver. With a visit to Shanghai and Team FCACA headquarters Tony’s prayers would be answered becoming the Teams number 1 driver and Team consultant.


Tony Green

Tony Green in China 2008


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